Oerthan Tattershall Symposium

Please join Oertha as she hosts 3 instructors from the Tattershall School of Defense.

President and Author of the book "The ART of DEFENSE", Mr William Wilson (Barwn Meistr Gwylym ab Owain)
Vice President Gary Chelak (Giacomo Cavalli da Treviso)
Vice President Roger Siggs (Senan O'Faolan)

A full weekend of Rapier instruction, a pot luck feast, schmoozing, and laughs, Oerthan style.

The Oerthan Tattershall Symposium
Saturday and Sunday, Nov 13 and 14th 2004 at the CBA building in Chugiak

This wonderful opportunity is usually a couple hundred dollars each but is being offered free of charge through contributions by the Principality of Oertha, Nytshaed's School of Rapier, Bear Steel School of Defense, and the generosity and volunteer work of individual Oerthans.

Site Fee: Free!
Please come in Garb
All are welcome to observe the classes, however if you wish to participate in any instruction you must be in SCA Rapier legal fighting armor. (if you are in need of Loaner gear please contact Lady Viola asap)

Site opens 9am Sat Nov 13th Armor inspection.... classes begin by 9:30- 5pm please be on time One hour lunch break (Bring your own sack lunch) 5:30 pm - ? Potluck, Schmoozing

Sunday Nov 14th:
Site opens 10 am. Armor inspection Classes begin by 10:30 am- 4pm One hour lunch break (Bring your own sack lunch)

Special note: Sidesword class is scheduled Sunday (all of the techniques from this symposium can be adapted for Heavy fighting, but sidesword is particularly appropriate and easy to adapt)

THIS IS A DRY SITE! As there is a school right next door, no alcohol is allowed on the premises at all.

Directions: Take your best route to the Glenn Highway and to the North Birchwood exit. Turn east, toward the mountains and continue until it T's. Turn right onto the Old Glen Highway, travel approx. ½ to ¾ of a mile. On your right will be a big, red building.

Lady Viola Carara