Board of Directors Comments on Outlands Crown Tourney Investigation

An investigation's results have led the BoD to comment publicly on the invalidation of the recent Outlands Crown Tourney. Duke Tomüki, victor in that tournament, has been suspended from martial activities and censured by the Board.

The September 29 conference call's executive session upheld Master Aaron Swiftrunner's ruling, as Society Seneschal, that invalidated the Crown Tournament, while absolving Outlands kingdom officers and Royalty of wrongdoing:

Outlands Fall 2004 Crown Tournament

Motion by Jason Williams to uphold the Society Seneschal's ruling that the Kingdom of the Outlands' Fall 2004 Crown Tournament was invalid and incapable of producing heirs to the Outlands' Thrones. Further, the Society Seneschal is directed to contact the principal parties of this decision and, further, to advise the Kingdom of the Outlands to schedule a follow-up tournament in accordance with Outlands Kingdom Law. Seconded by Gary Raine. In favor: Jeff Brown, Dena Cady, Gary Raine, Lis Schraer, Jason Williams. Opposed: none. Motion carried.

By consensus, the Chair noted that the Board finds that the Crown, Crown Princess, and officers of the Marshallate did everything in their power to ensure that only qualified entrants participated in the Outlands Fall 2004 Crown Tournament, and are not subject to censure or admonishment.

Motion by Gary Raine to direct the Society Seneschal to further investigate this matter to determine whether further sanctions against Duke Sir `Abd al-Hakim ibn `Abd al-Rahman Shaddad al-Tomüki (T.S. Morgan) are warranted. Seconded by Dena Cady. In favor: Jeff Brown, Dena Cady, Gary Raine, Lis Schraer, Jason Williams. Opposed: none. Motion carried.

At the October 23 meeting, the Board further acted to suspend Duke Tomüki's participation in martial activities, and barred him from participating in Crown or Coronet lists for two years. An additional statement of censure was read into the Board minutes. Quoting from the SCA President's summation:

TS Morgan/Outlands Crown Tournament Investigation

Motion by Jason Williams to suspend all Society combat-related activities of TS Morgan (Duke Sir `Abd al-Hakim ibn `Abd al-Rahman Shaddad al-Tomüki), of the Kingdom of the Outlands, effective October 23, 2004, until he undergoes a complete authorization process under the direct supervision of the Earl Marshal of the Kingdom in which he resides. Further, that Mr. Morgan may not participate in any Crown or Coronet list until October 23, 2006. Seconded by Jeff Brown. In favor: Jeff Brown, Dena Cady, Gary Raine, Lis Schraer, Jason Williams. Opposed: none. Chairman Moore exercised her option to vote and did so in favor of the motion. Motion carried.

The Chairman requested that the following statement be read into the Minutes.

The Board wishes to reaffirm the sanctity, pageantry, courtesy, honor, and chivalry of the Society's Crown Tournaments by reminding all participants that they are responsible for meeting and complying with all Society and Kingdom requirements for participating in the martial arts. The Board expresses its disappointment in the actions of Duke Tomüki, a prominent Royal Peer and member of the Chivalry, for causing pain and inconvenience to his Kingdom through his disregard of its laws. We hope he will serve as a model for the actions of others in the future.

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