Ploughs Set to Disturb Ancient Archaeological Goldmine A 2000 acre archaeological treasure trove, including Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman sites, has been discovered in the Vale of Pickering in North York, a site endangered by potato farmers. Potato farmers may be the most serious threat to a rich archeaological site discovered in the north of England. The 12-mile-long, ribbon site encompasses Anglo-Saxon, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman remains which extend one after the other. Potato-growing,which could damage the layers of history, has been encouraged in the area.

Archaeologists hope to buy the site but the proximity of a local chip plant is hindering their efforts. Both farmers and factory owners are anxious to help archaeologists to preserve the site. "We are not trying to stop progress but to find ways in which farming can continue in ways whereby the past can be protected," said Dominic Powlesland, of the Landscape Research Centre.