Pen-Wielder Takes on East Kingdom Knights

Asbury Park Press: Journalist Bob Cullinane takes an up-close-and-personal look at SCA heavy fighting in an article from the Asbury Park Press. Staff reporter Bob Cullinane takes a rather cavalier approach to SCA heavy fighting when he puts on armor and goes up against several East Kingdom knights. In an article published November 24, 2002 for the Asbury Park Press, Cullinane explores the world of the SCA by attending - and participating in - a fighter practice held at Toms River by members of House Bloodguard. From the article, it seems the journalist did not totally understand the scope of the Society, but he did seem to be a good sport and have fun.

The article, complete with pictures of Cullinane in armor, takes a humorous look at the SCA. At least he didn't run screaming.