Boar's Head 2004 - Return of the Cherries

This year is the Return of the Cherries in the Snow! There are cherries everywhere!

You will not believe it! Not only do we have the Return of the Cherries; it is also the 50th wedding anniversary of our beloved Baroness Mistress Alice and Baron Master Price. In celebration of their love (both given and received), all of their favorite dishes will be served at a feast prepared by Duchess Myfanwy ferch Elys and Lord Barthazar fitz Gryphon.

There will be an Arts & Sciences competition; there will be tournaments held for Heavy, Light and Boffer fighting; there will be shopping galore; classes to educate; children's activities to enlighten and entertain; a masked ball with prizes for the best masks; and brand new and for the very first time ever at Boar's Head, we will also be offering archery!

Many of you already know that the Boar's Head feasts sell out very quickly, so make sure to get your reservations in soon so that you will not miss out on all the wonderful fare! Some say that Caer Anterth Mawr is a not a tower of stone and steel, but instead a tower of great food on a lake of wonderful wine and this year's feast will be no exception!

As time for this premiere winter event draws near, I just want to remind everyone to check the web pages for continual updates. Schedules can change on a moments notice and we may not have the time to post all the changes that may have happened. so, remember to keep checking back to see what else has been added.

The web pages can be found at:

Or you can go to the Caer Anterth Mawr web site and click the link off of there.

I look forward to seeing all of those good Gentles that will be able to join us here in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr for Boar's Head!

Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall
Autocrat, Boar's Head 2004 - Return of the Cherries