Midrealm Champions Accept Challenge Against Breast Cancer

Sgt. Rutgur of the Middle Kingdom, along with the other baronial champions, has accepted a challenge by His Majesty Brannos to raise money for breast cancer research.

Announcing: The Quest for the Pink Ribbons

During morning Court, standing before Their Royal Majesties Brannos & Rebekah, Serjant Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi (called Rutgur), Standard Bearer for the Barony of the Cleftlands, pledge himself and challenged his fellow armored combat Baronial Champions of the Middle Kingdom to take up the Quest for the Pink Ribbons. The purpose of this Quest is to raise money that will be donated to a charitable organization specializing in Breast Cancer Research, in the name of Mistress Rebekah MacTiernan, mundanely known as Rebecca Muller (Her Majesty Rebekah of the Midrealm).

The Quest for the Pink Ribbons shall be conducted as follows:

  1. At every event, during of the reign of Sir Brannos & Mistress Rebekah, the Baronial Champions in attendance will conduct the Quest, as follows:
    1. Seek an area of the list or field for the offering of passes in pursuit of the Quest;
    2. Herald the Quest, so that all may witness passes in pursuit of the Quest;
    3. Accept donations of $5.00 from all authorized combatants;
    4. Offer five passes, in any agreed upon fighting style, to every donor;
    5. Present to every donor a pink ribbon that bears the name of his/her Barony;
  2. A scroll shall be presented to Mistress Rebekah to include the names of those combatants who bear ribbons from all 17 Baronies, for they will have completed the Quest;
  3. After Their Majesties' reign, an accounting of the Quest shall presented to the Court to include:
    1. The names of those who completed the Quest;
    2. The total amount of the donations.

The rapier and archery communities are welcome to join this quest. Questions in regard to this endeavor may be directed to Serjant Rutgur by email sgt_rutgur@hotmail.com.

For any and all who wish to approach them...

For any and all who wish to approach them, the current martial Champions of the Barony of Roaring Wastes, Middle Kingdom, are as follows: Heavy Weapons - Sgt. Akos of Roaring Wastes, called Braille Rapier Combat - Lord Martin of Hawksworth Archery Combat - Lord Michail of Roaring Wastes, member of the Scarlet Company Thrown Weapons - Lord Eamon McGowan of Sligo And if you'd like to come up with a challenge for her, one of our current A&S (champion) Commissions is held by: Lady Fiona nic Shearlais, Baronial Artist in Residence Cheers, TH Iasmin de Cordoba, Baroness Roaring Wastes, OL