Garb Stolen in An Tir

Her Grace Duchess Angharad of the Kingdom of An Tir reports that garb and her ducal coronet have been stolen from her car in the Seattle area.

Citizens of the Known World have been asked to be on the lookout on eBay or other auction sites for the following items stolen recently from the car of Duchess Angharad:

Huge black duffle with wheels, zipper on top, containing the following items:

  • Ducal Coronet - Strawberry leaves in front, panther design on one side, horse design on the other (designs turn from Celtic to real animals) (made > by Torgul)
  • SCA Jewelry in an Asian style jewelry bag - Celtic torc, Celtic armband, amber bead necklace, numerous beaded necklaces, silver necklaces, numerous pairs of earrings, silver rings, 3" wide silver armband
  • Ornate Celtic Broach with stones & stick pin (made by Skeggi)
  • 2 Concave Cloak Brooches with stick pins - one with panther's head and one Windhorse design (made by Skeggi & Rolf)
  • Fur Hat (light colored)
  • Fur Collar w/ silver and amethyst Brooch (white fur)
  • White Bliaut with train and very long sleeves - extensive, ornate hand beading, buttons up the sides with handmade button loops - made with white on white flowing fabric
  • Long white slip
  • Black cotton bliaut with long train, long sleeves with black and silver Celtic knotwork trim on sleeves with matching belt
  • Black short sleeved cotton dress with Celtic horses embroidered on the sleeves
  • Red wool Viking apron with black embroidered gripping beast with two small raven design brooches with stick pins
  • Black Velvet Cloak - made from burnt velvet in a black rose design, with silver rose clasp
  • Blue Raw Silk Tunic with black trim and silver hand embroidered Celtic designs
  • Black cotton under-dress with silver Celtic design hand embroidered on front near hem
  • Blue stripped raw silk tunic - shorter in front than back
  • Brown silky Roman Dress with horse design trim at hem and matching belt and cloak
  • White Roman Dress with gold trim
  • Green and gold shoulder cloak made from imported fabric
  • Dark red wool shoulder cloak with horse head design painted on it
  • Dark Blue wool shoulder cloak with purple stripe at bottom and hand embroidered panthers
  • Black dress with blue & purple hand painted and beaded Celtic butterfly designs (laces up the back)
  • Black & White Stripped Viking Pants
  • Very long black leather belt w/buckle
  • Black fleece cloak with hood
  • Blue, black & white Celtic design (Lindisfarne) woven blanket
  • Slip-on black leather shoes
  • Celtic design silver hair clip
  • Wood Goblet - made with alternating woods and has black & silver & purple ribbons tied to handle
  • Pewter plate with quote around edge