Ealdormere Crown Tourney Results

The Kingdom of Ealdormere held its 14th Crown Tournament on Saturday, October 23, 2004 in the Canton of Westbelleford. King Malik and Queen Genevieve presided over the tournament, which attracted 23 combattants.

The list was eventually narrowed to six. Three entrants--Sir Nigel, Lord Ceycil, and Duke Sir Edouard--had made it through without a single loss. Three others--Count Sir Sarnac, THLord Kasimir, and Mistress AElfwyn--had each been defeated once. So a round robin was held between the three who had been defeated once in order to determine who would then go into another round robin with the three with one loss, so that there would be two finalists from the undefeated bracket and two from the once-defeated bracket. The three undefeated fighters were so evenly matched that each won one and lost one in the first round robin, so it was not until the second round robin that Duke Sir Edouard and Lord Ceycil were determined as the first two semifinalists. The four remaining combattants then fought and Count Syr Sarnac and THL Kasimir advanced to the semifinals.

In each semi, the fighter who had lost once had to best the fighter who was undefeated twice to advance, while the undefeated fighter had to win only once. THL Kasimir was able to defeat Count Syr Sarnac twice, thus advancing. Duke Sir Edouard was able to best Lord Ceycil and advance in one match.

The finals pitted Duke Sir Edouard Beausoliel, fighting for Countess Genevieve du Rosse, against THL Kasimir of Stargard, fighting for Lady Tryphenia of Stargard. The format consisted of three matches, each best 2 out of three. The first was to be sword and shield, the second sword and shield as well, and the third, if necessary, bastard sword. However, it did not take three matches, as Duke Sir Edouard prevailed in both the first and second match to become the new Crown Prince of Ealdormere.

In evening Court, when the new Prince and Princess were formally invested, Queen Genevieve remarked that now that she and Malik had heirs, she was doing the "period thing" and naming the new Princess after herself.

Wassail to the new Crown Prince and Princess of Ealdormere, Edouard and Genevieve!