Gleann Abhann to become Kingdom

On October 23, the SCA Board of Directors approved a petition by the Principality of Gleann Abhann, currently part of Meridies, to advance to Kingdom status, becoming the SCA's nineteenth Kingdom.

The approval vote was taken at approximately 10:15 local time at the BoD meeting in Dallas, Texas. The first Crown Tournament is expected to occur in the spring of 2005.

Gleann Abhann is located in the western part of Meridies, occupying primarily the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and extreme western Tennessee, according to its official web site. The Principality includes over twenty full status and incipient groups within its borders. (map)

Gleann Abhann's first Prince and Princess, Eric of Chester and Rhonda Kurkendall, were invested in 1999. Since then nearly a dozen other couples have served as the Principality inched its way along the path toward Kingdom status. Their Stellar Highnesses Sir William fitzHughe de Cambria and Lady Onora inghean mhic Cathain hold the thrones on this day of joyous news. congratulates Gleann Abhann on achieving this milestone.

Although this article was written and researched by Iustinos Tekton, thanks an anonymous contributor for sending us a short notice advising us of the good news.