Canterbury Carols: Twelfth Night in Lonely Tower

Canterbury Carols: Twelfth Night in Lonely Tower, January 8th, 2005, Scottish Rite Cathedral, 202 S. 20th St. Omaha, NE 68102

Site:$5.00 per Adult (+$3 for non-members),$3.00 for children 18 and under Feast: $9.00 An Epiphany celebration in 15th century England. There are only 150 seats.

Take best route to I-80, Take I-80 to I-480 north. Take the Dodge-Harney exit. Follow exit road to Douglas St. Turn right (east) onto Douglas & follow it to 20th St. Turn right (south). Site is on your right. Parking is south of the site.

In celebration of Twelfth Night our A&S competitions include 'Hark the Heralds' a field heraldry competition, 'The Three Magi in any medium' and 'Embroidery in any style'.

The day's activities also include a Pilgrimage, A&S classes, a Heraldry Farble, the annual Combat Club and novice tourneys. Plus a performing arts venue will be made available for vocal and instrumental performances.

Autocrats: Roise ni'Ullachain (Dia Hilton)

Fra Ambruogio (Shaun Gilpin)

Head Chef:
Mikhail Nikolaevich (Michael Straatmann)

Crash Space: