Fields of Gold

The Shire of Silver Rylle proudly announces that it will be hosting, with the generous permission of the Shire of Owl's Reste, Fields of Gold, a combination Golden Seamstress competition and Golden Quill competition, on February 4 & 5, 2005.

Scribes, come and create a completed scroll blank in 6 hours or less! Novice-level to Laurel are welcome to compete in the Golden Quill, in three skill levels.

Clothiers, cobblers, milliners, embroiderers, combine your skills and create a full ensemble from top to toes and every layer in between, within 18 hours at the Golden Seamstress. Teams of up to 6 people are permitted in the Golden Seamstress, and both novices and journeymen level are welcome. Laurels, sponsor a team!

Pre-registration is required for the Golden Seamstress, would be extremely welcome for the Golden Quill. All pre-registrations are due no later than January 15, 2005. Please see the East Kingdom website for the event announcement and schedule, and for more detailed information and contact information.

Baroness Rhiannon Basset, Event Steward
Mistress Danabren Madadh-Mara, Competition Coordinator