Padraig and Elsa New Heirs to Drachenwald

Genevieve Schwarzdrachen, Drachenwald Kingdom Herald, reports on the recent Crown Tourney fought October 16, 2004.

Genevieve Schwarzdrachen writes:

Greetings from your servant Genevieve,

I was privileged to witness this Crown tournament with its six competitors fighting for the honour of their ladies and friends:

  • Pan Vitus and Lady Eleanora
  • Lord Guido and Mistress Caitrin (in a fine new baronial coronet)
  • Master Terafan and Lady Dubheasa
  • Master Johan and Mistress Jaelle
  • Sir Padraig and Viscountess Elsa
  • Jarl Sven and Countess Thora

With six fighters, the tournament was a round robin, and all bouts were fought best-of-three. Sir Arafel Christien and Lord Vallius served as marshals, and Duchess Allessandre Melusine as list mistress.

The day was cool and interrupted by occasional rain, with a light drizzle during the final round robin, but the heavy cold rain held off until after the tournament.

The tourney was held in a walled garden area, sheltered from wind. However, the ground was very wet and slippery (visible in Lord Heinrich's images), and it made footing treacherous.

After the round robin, Sir Padraig, Jarl Sven and Master Terafan had each won all but one of their bouts, requiring a three way semi-final to reduce the field to two finalists, Sir Padraig and Jarl Sven.

His Majesty and Sir Arafel marshalled the final bout, which was also attended by the chivalry of the kingdom.

Both knights armed themselves with sword and madu, a short thrusting spear, and it was Sir Padraig's sword thrusts to the body in the first and third bouts that determined the victor.

The bouts I witnessed were clean and decisive, with a clear victor in most instances. After every bout, the marshals spoke briefly to the fighters, to make sure that the outcome of the bout was acceptable to both.

As a spectator and occasional fighter, I thought the marshals' questions were most helpful. The outcome of the fight is clearly decided on the field; it also gives an uncertain fighter an opportunity to speak to their opponent and marshals at that time.

It is also helpful to the audience to see fighters agreeing on the bout with good will and spirit.

A rare and special guest to this Crown was Duke Henrik of Havn, the Society's first king, and his lady wife Viscountess Tamsin. The viscountess was finishing a work assignment in Insulae Draconis, and his Grace had come to holiday with her.

Sir Henrik took his place with our kingdom's chivalry to witness the final bout, and spoke to many people on this day. He is an enthusiastic equestrian, and found several kindred spirits among the ID equestrians to talk with.

They both commented on how a small Crown list, and the fighting style, reminded them of the old days in a much smaller Society - which I believe they found charming and pleasant, rather than rustic and backward. :-)

Lord Thomas provided a good synopsis of the awards presented that evening, save one: Their Majesties recognized the event steward, Rafe Cuthbert, with arms for his service. I think Rafe did a fine job, and appeared gracious and relaxed throughout the day. Vivat!

This event was at a new site, a large girl guide training centre with modern or refurbished buildings and facilities (with more still being built). Hot showers! Warm bunkrooms! Archery range! Ample room to fight and fence! Hurrah!

Though the hall was at capacity for sitting at feast (a larger event would need two halls to seat more diners), I think it is a fine site for our needs, and I hope we can use it again.


Genevieve Schwarzdrachen
Drachenwald Kingdom Herald