Daffodil Tournament XXVIII

On March 19, 2005, the Barony of Seagirt will host the 28th Daffodil Tournament to choose the Defender of Seagirt (rattan) and the Captain of the Grenadiers (Rapier).

Join Their Excellencies James and Glynis, Baron and Baroness, as they host guests from the far corners of An Tir. There will be a limited seating Viking Saxon feast in the evening.

Pre-registration for the event is now open, and feast tickets are now on sale. Pre-registration is open to members, non-member and minors. For more information, check out the Daffodil website at http://members.shaw.ca/Daffodil_AS39/

Lenora di Calizzan, GdS
Autocrat, Daffodil XXVIII