Kingdom of Northshield Proclaimed, First Royalty Crowned

Lord Earnan Sanntraigh, who lives in the Barony of Nordskogen, offers a wonderfully detailed account of the day's festivities, for those of us not lucky enough to be attending in person as the SCA's newest Kingdom was proclaimed on October 16.

Lord Earnan writes:

Below is my report for the First Coronation of the Kingdom of Northshield.

My story begins in the middle of the Final Court of the Midrealm within Northshield.

Spread upon the stage was a sight unseen outside of Pennsic — royalty arrayed across a huge stage, and in front of them in center stage a Griffin-carved stone the size of three children. The stone was a previous gift to Northshield from the Outlands. As I entered the hall, I witnessed the King and Queen of the Midrealm removing the Coronets from Their Stellar Highnesses and placing them upon the stone. They had been released from their duties and fealty. Northshield now had no Royalty but the Prince, Princess, King and Queen of the Midrealm. The Midrealm continued with the ceremony of releasing its citizens that are residents of Northshield from fealty. All of the Patent orders were called up one by one, as well as Territorial Baronages, other Peers and the Stallari. The King and Queen then stepped forward and released all citizens of Northshield from fealty to the Midrealm. Northshield now had no sworn Royalty.

Siegfried and Bridei were called forward in glorious gold and black matching garb. A representative of the Imperium (the Board of Directors) came forward and read the directive from the Imperium that Northshield shall be henceforth a Kingdom and have its own King and Queen. The new Crowns of Northshield were brought forth, and Siegfried and Bridei placed them upon their own heads. Northshield now had proclaimed its own King and Queen.

Here began the first Court of the Kingdom of Northshield. The King and Queen began the process of calling forward in groups all those who should now swear fealty. The Coronets and Knights' Chains were picked up from the stone and put back upon their rightful owners. At the end, those of the populace who wished to swear fealty were called forward. The aisles were filled with the People of the Kingdom, kneeling, arm to shoulder in a chain to the Greatsword, the King, and the Queen. The King and Queen then accepted gifts from the visiting Royalty. While there were many wonderful gifts, the King and Queen of the Midrealm gave the final gift, US$5,000, to the new Kingdom!

After this, two courts began — a Laws Court and a Presentations Court. The Laws Court was presided over by the landed Baronage of Northshield. As I was unable to find a way to be in two places at once, I stayed for the Presentations Court. Here gifts were made to Their Majesties from members of the populace, households, Cantons, Shires, and Baronies. There were many wonderful gifts given to Northshield this day. Well over 100 illuminated scrolls were given between the different Courts. Also a stack, the height of Her Majesty, of scroll cases illuminated with the Northshield Guidestar were given.

Word comes that the Laws of Northshield have been read in ONE HOUR. Northshield has the smallest body of Law of the Known World. Duty called as a Chirurgeon, so I was unable to attend all of the Presentations Court.

As Court was suspended, a Feast was held. Many toasts were made, and stories were told. While it was a catered Feast, the servers were in tunics of Northshield Gold and Black, and the food served was one of the more period catered feasts I have seen. It was not as period as most feasts I have attended, but for being catered it was excellent. I will let someone who was there for all of Midrealm Court and Feast tell the story of Duke Sir Finn and getting his chain back from the King.

As the populace filed back into the Great Hall for the Awards Court, Master Owen began singing the final (now complete) version of "Row, Men, Row." The populace joined in.

The Awards Court began with the King and Queen calling forth the gentles to be Their Champions. Then They summoned between two and five gentles to be the Premieres of each award in the Kingdom of Northshield. The Law for each award was read in, the scrolls read and presented, and Their Majesties gave some explanation of the Award being given. I hope someone will be able to provide a list of the Awards. Our first Court Baronage was made with Baroness Mairghread.

Of particular note: Their Majesties have agreed to sign the White Scarf Treaty, and have inducted three fighters as Premiers, as well as Her Majesty, into the Order of the White Scarf.

In a good moment of Court shtick, TRM proposed that Fiskr required Justice be placed upon him for wishing to step down as Seneschal of the Kingdom. His Majesty commanded that Fiskr was required to prove that he had chosen a worthy successor in Viscountess Elashava. Fiskr, however, was also to prove that his replacement cannot possibly be as good as he is. He can lose neither argument. As Champion for the King in this debate, His Majesty chose Viscountess Elashava.

Fiskr did well for the first three points. To the fourth (that Elashava did not wish for Fiskr to be Principality Seneschal), however, he had no response. Fiskr was at a loss, and the King asked how he could lose after only four points had been made. Fiskr could think of only one way out of his predicament, and begged a boon that Viscountess Elashava be inducted into the Order of the Pelican. This is also known as a "gotcha."

The Members of the Order were called forth and agreed. Elashava was placed on Vigil to be the first elevated Peer of the Kingdom of Northshield, with the elevation to take place at Boar's Head.

The First Court of the Kingdom of Northshield was then closed with a command for the populace to celebrate.

Long Live Atenveldt!
Long Live Ansteorra!
Long Live The Outlands!
Long Live Aethelmearc!
Long Live Calontir!
Long Live Ealdormere!
Long Live the Midrealm!

Submitted respectfully and in Service to the Kingdom of Northshield,

Lord Earnan Sanntraigh, AoA
Baronial Chirurgeon, Barony of Nordskogen
Journeyman Chirurgeon, Archery Marshall of the Field
Barony of Nordskogen
Kingdom of Northshield

What a wonderful story!!

What a wonderful story!! I would like to include this in my compendium of SCA oral history, if I may. Please email me - with your permission.

Sui Servitas,
Lady Lile Dubh inghen ui Mordha
Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom
mka Lilli Cohen

Hail and farewell to Northshield

Hail and farewell to Northshield!

We of the Middle Kingdom will miss you, but we are so very happy for your success. Fare thee well, good gentles, and may the border between these two fair kingdoms be always open and friendly.

The few events I've had the pleasure to attend in Northshield have always impressed me with the hospitality, warmth, and courtesy of Northshield's people. You will always be welcome guests whenever you you choose to visit your former Kingdom once again.

Thanks also to Lord Earnan for providing with such a wonderfully-written event report!

Hail and hoobah!