The Romance of the Rose

November 5, 6 and 7 will see the hosting of an equestrian event of Epic Proportions!! There will be something to interest all attendees, equestrian or not, with many prizes and gifts, and several tournaments, from equestrian to heavy to light.

The site will be the Bit and Spur, one block from I-95, in Cocoa, a short hop from Georgia and Alabama! (757 Friday Rd, Cocoa, Fl, 32926)

The schedule runs something like this,...
Nov 5 site opens at noon. From 5 pm untill dark, there will be rider authorizations, and mounted combat authorizations. The site has a lighted arena, so there will also be some fun games run. A traveler's stew will be offered for a fee by Clan Thorsday.

Nov 6, Sat; weapons inspection begins at 9 am, and the heavy weapons list starts at 10 am. Lunch is serverd around noon, and will be provided for a fee by Clan Thorsday, who always put on some good grub!

1 o'clock sees the procession for the Romance of the Rose, and the games for that begin soon after the last processor. (so Riders! Pull out all the stops, and bard to the Teeth!)

Court will be about 6 (providing the RSVPs are in the positive) and feast after that.

The evening's entertainment will consist of all sorts of things, from a birthday Hafla, to riding more games in the lighted arena! If there is enough interest, maybe even a tourchlight tourney of some kind.

Nov 7, Sun morning; it has been suggested that we hold a Champion's Challange for the heavies followed by fighter practice, and more games in the arena. Stay tuned for more info. Site officially closes at 3 pm, but that's just a formality. We can stay as long as we like, and no-one will be drafted into cleaning!

There will be a Novice Art/Sci which we are really excited about. It is for all interested folks, but a lot of equestrians are entering items. So please bring someting for that.

Merchants are welcome. The fee is $10, which goes directly to the site.

This is a camping event, but there are spiffy hotels RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD!!!!! There are also sturdy bull pens to stall the horses in. (this place hosts rodeos, barrel racing, and roping events)

We have a feast deadline of Oct 15th. There will be no waiting list, and we must have at least 25 feast goers signed up, or we eat at the hotel across the street =-) Feast is taken from excerpts of "The Romance of the Rose" written by Jean Renart, and is very meat heavy!

Site fees, weekend - $12, day - $8 Feast - $6, horses free =-) Non-member surcharge - $3

I am the EMIC, as well as one of the Autocrats, my Husband being the other.

Please let me know if you are bringing horses at least a week ahead of the event. Neg Coggins a must before dis-embarking from the trailer!!!!

Our Res Crat is Lady Lidia de la Mer (Sharon Hollendeck)

PET FRIENDLY (on leashes) & discreatly wet! Also, there will be an actuall working gate, which will be closed between 2 AM and 6 AM every day, in consideration of the horses' safety.

Web address, It should be updated in about 3 days with the site directions.

Hope to see y'all there!

Lady Chiere wreic Maredudd
Co-Autocrat and EMIC
The Romance of the Rose