Casual War II

We promise you a fun day of warfare on Saturday the 15th of November with fortress, field, bridge and woods battles. The order of battle will be decided by the fortunes of war and game play. The attackers win if they can take and hold the Baronial seat. (Siege engines are encouraged.)

Weekend rate:
$20 Both days and feast - no accomodation
$30 All Weekend - camping
$37 All Weekend - Cabin
Day rate:
Saturday day $7
Saturday Feast $7
Sunday $7

Innabanya Girl Guides Camp - Majura rd Majura ACT Steward:
Stephen Aldred

Site opens at 6pm Friday November 12th, with a soup kitchen from 7pm. 8:30 pm the generals (and their advisers) meet to determine the mornings encounters.

Saturday, WAR DAY
Saturday night will feature a bread, soup and stew kitchen, followed by the pyjama party - casual SCA attire (i.e. tabards) and back to back Lord of the Rings DVD's. We will attempt to show all three parts of the Directors Cut Lord of the Rings.

Sunday will involve Archery, Heavy and Rapier tournaments, followed by dance and A&S classes.