Instructors Needed for Estrella A&S Collegium

Lady Turrela Michelovna Vidmeyera, A&S Autocrat for Estrella War XXI, is seeking instructors for Estrella's A&S Collegium.

Lady Turrela writes:

Greetings to all artisans!

For those of you planning to attend Estrella War XXI (2005), please help support the Arts & Sciences Collegium! We are looking for teachers for all areas and would love to have you share your expertise. All classes are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis so get your name in early; also consider teaching your class two or three times, that way more students will be able to share your

knowledge and enjoyment of your subject. Also don't be afraid to teach the same class as someone else, we have four days to fill and not everyone who attends the Saturday class was there for the Thursday class! In addition we would love to have some Service and Fighting classes to add to the mix, so if you have an idea don't hesitate to send it in. Please bear in mind this is a primitive site so plan your handouts and demonstrations accordingly and feel free to ask the Collegium coordinators if you have any concerns about your classes.

Some thoughts to inspire

  • Estrella War draws over 6000 people from across the country, this means you can educate, inspire and assist in spreading enthusiasm for A&S on a large scale.
  • The more people who enjoy an art form, the more people for you to discuss those little details with.
  • Finding people who enjoy the same things you do is a great way to make friends and wonderful war memories.
  • You can do a first-run of a class and get feedback on how to fine tune it for later.
  • Bringing all those handouts can take space in your car, but after they're gone there's more space in your car to fill on merchants row!

Class Ideas…
Bobbin Lace, Blackwork, Middle Eastern Dance, Doublet Making, Bodice Construction, Western Dance, Brick Oven Cooking, Lucet, Embroidery, Amber Carving, Lampwork Beads, Italian Persona, Rapier Combat, Brewing, Making a Wooden Chair, Drumming, Feastocratting, Running Waterbearing, Gothic Gowns and Houppelands, Sandcasting, Recipe Redaction, Making Period Shoes, Jewelry Making, Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please send them to me, or feel free to speak with any of my staff!

You will find a copy of the teacher sign-up sheet online.

Please send thru email or smail before November 1, 2004 so that we may print your class in the Estrella War Gatebook.


Lady Turrela Michelovna Vidmeyera
Lady Katherine Bradon of Carlisle
A&S Autocrat, Estrella War XXI
Kingdom of Atenveldt

The above request was approved by the Estrella Legal Department