Auction to Benefit Autumn War Injured to be Held

The Chivalry of An Tir will hold a Goods and Services Auction at 12th Night to benefit those injured by a falling tree branch at Autumn War. Sir Dan of the Kingdom of An Tir has announced that a Goods and Services Auction will be held at this year's 12th Night Celebration. This is just the latest in a series of fundraisers to help defray the considerable medical expenses incurred by people injured by a falling tree branch at Autumn War.

Sir Dan writes:

"All items are donated by the Chivalry of An Tir. Below is only a partial list of the items donated so far. Please forward this information to all e-lists and local newsletters as you can. Word of mouth is our only method of advertising.

~~~~12th Knight Goods and Services Auction~~~~

* Sir Dublin-Yagar Stumpface show at Twelfth Night with a cover charge and donate a percentage Valued at-?
* Sir Edward Ean Anderson-a string of amber Valued at 100$+
* Sir Wilam- a Pair of boots Valued at-200$
* Master Grendel- a blade valued at-400$+
* Sir Njall-a Portrait Valued at 250-450$+
* Sir Master Torfin Torgulsson- Several items of Jewelry valued at- 200$+
* Sir Geoffrey de Rennes-Stainless Viking Helm valued at ?
* Sir Barak-Custom Lao Hat valued at 45$+
* Syr Garan -2 bottles of home-made liqueur and a pint of home-made hot chili cooking oil. Valued at $70+
* Sir Liam -4 belt pouches valued at 20$+ each

Updates to follow as more items and services are added.

Also, we may be having a silent auction for either the Raven Travel fund or the Autumn War injury fund as well. Details to follow on this as well."

For more information please contact Sir Dan at .