The Silver Fox Squadron

The Silver Fox Squadron is a service/fighting household within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.). Most of our members are from the Kingdom of Ansteorra, which resides in the states Oklahoma and Texas.

The main focal point of our household is to share in the common goal of making the dream come to life for ourselves and those around us while we have fun learning about history hands-on.

The Squadron comprises 4 Combat Platoons, 2 Service Platoons, 1 Supply Platoon, 1 Command Platoon, and 1 Support Platoon, each ranging in size from 2 to 20 personnel. With the exception of the Command Platoon, each Platoon is responsible for choosing the Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant. How they do this is up to them; however, the final choice must meet the approval of the Squadron commander. The Squadron comes together as a whole during Gulf Wars to ply our art of war unto our deserving enemy.