Siege of Glengary:Aethelmearc Under Siege

(Cue dramatic news music) Now, live from the battlefield, reporter Laird Wulfric Grimbeald, Sheriff of Sylvan Glen, embedded with the AEthelmearc army, reports on the Siege of Glengary.

Siege of Glengary: Aethelmearc Under Siege

It was a cool September evening when the troops of Atlantia crossed over the borders into the peaceful Shire of Sylvan Glen...all four of them. Since being embedded within the Aethelmearc Coalition forces this reporter has never before seen such and understated invasion. As troops from St. Swithin's Bog, Misty Highlands, His Majesty Rurik's Personal Guard, Akiru Thunder, Clan Wulfgard and others joined with the homeguard of Sylvan Glen to ward off the threat of full scale invasion that had loomed over the border lands for months it became apparent that victory was well in hand. His Majesty graciously reallocated troops to provide an evenly matched battle and in the spirit of friendly rivalry war was waged. Sylvan Glen swept the battlefield in the field and bridge battles but found the castle gate battle just beyond victory's reach. Many a friendly challenge and melee followed upon the heavy battlefield.

On other battlefronts, Aethelmearc's finest fencers met in the infamous Count of Monte Carlo Tourney where skill with a ready blade and wit are matched by shrewd wagering. The youth of Aethelmearc and Atlantia took to the feild of battle as well with a 3 division Youth Combat Tourney. Bowmen from both Kingdoms tested their marksmanship at the range throughout the day as did throwers of blades.

Peaceful arts were not forgotten upon this day of combat. Artisans and bards displayed their skills and abilities for the populace. In the court of Their Majesties Rurik and Angelik awards for service and skill were bestowed upon long deserving folk of the Shire of Sylvan Glen. Thereafter a great feast of victory and celebration was held featuring the fruits of the shire and the spoils of war as the Sylver Stag and Sylver Apple sat in state upon the High Table. To all who journeyed to this lonely bastion upon the border called Sylvan Glen, Aethelmearc showed all who gazed upon her covetously why we are proud to call her home and ourselves her own. Until the winds of war blow over these mountain glens Sylvan Glen stands ever vigilant. This is Laird Wulfric Grimbeald reporting. Good Night Aethelmearc. (cue dramatic music)

Laird Wulfric Grimbeald
Sheriff of Sylvan Glen