SCA Business web site connects buyers and sellers of period and modern services

Sir Colin MacLear is creating a web site designed to link SCAdians offering to sell or barter period or modern services with other SCAdians who are seeking those services. The site is scheduled to be online in October 2004.

In a letter on the Atenveldt kingdom email list, Viscountess Kareina Talvi Tytär writes:

Greetings unto the people of the Kingdom of Atenveldt from Kareina Talvi Tytär, second Viscountess of Oertha, currently residing in the Kingdom of An Tir,

My Lords and Ladies, this missive is sent to you to introduce you to a new SCA-related resource,, which is in the process of being crafted. It is being created on behalf of those of us who, no matter how active in the Society we may be, don't necessarily know what modern-world skills our friends within in the Society have. This information is vital if one desires to give one's custom first and foremost to others within the Society rather than calling upon a random individual from the modern world. This resource is intended to be a comprehensive listing for all manner of diverse skills, whether one needs one's roof repaired, requires assistance compiling one's taxes, or needs a new hair dresser. It is also intended to be a listing of SCA folk who have period skills for hire, such as armorer, potter, or weaver. It is intended that this resource be fully functional by October, when it will be searchable by location, type of skill, name of an individual or their business, etc. but in the meanwhile it is already available in a non-searchable format.

In order that this listing be as complete as possible I have been charged by its creator, Sir Colin MacLear, to spread the word that people within our Society may know of it and may seek to add their names to the electronic scroll. We invite both businesses owned by SCA folk, and SCA people who have skills they are willing to hire (or barter) to add their names and skills to the database. We encourage SCA people to look first to this source when they have a task they wish to hire another to accomplish on their behalf. While there is a modest fee associated with adding one's name and/or business to the web page to cover things like the costs associated with its development and maintenance, there are no fees for accessing the database in search of someone with the skills you require. We grant permission to post this missive onto other lists, that the word be further spread. I thank you for your attention to my words and draw them to a close now that your normal list discussion may resume.

In Service to the Society,


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