Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest will be held SUNDAY, October 24th starting at 11 am and running until around 8 or 9 pm. The site will be St. Jude's school at 888 Trillium Dr in Kitchener. (Same site as the Bryniau fight practice).

I can assure people that there will be heavy combat, rapier, and minor boffer combat marshals on site, should anyone still want to play after Crown. There will be 'harvest' themed activities, like bobbing for apples, making medieval bread, and a nature walk, which both young and old can participate in.

There will be a potluck feast held. Some sort of roast, likely pork, will be provided, along with the bread we make. Feast will start around 5 pm. After dinner we will retire to the field for a campfire and ghost stories for an hour or so.

There will be no cost for this event, though we do ask that people bring a donation to the food bank.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the autocrats : Jobjorn Edwardsson and Rylyn Buchanan (Jared and Beth Patchett) at patchett@sympatico.ca

Looking forward to seeing you there
Jobjorn and Rylyn