Lesson at the Palace II

On Saturday, Nov 20th, the Shire of Isenfir in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, will be offering a rare opportunity to get a crash course in one of the most beautiful and elegant social activities our period of study has to offer.

We are honored to be hosting professional instructor Susan de Guardiola (Alejandra de Miera) for Lesson at the Palace II (or Lezione al Palazzo II), a day-long workshop for all levels in the courtly dances of late 16th C. Italy. Susan is a professional dance instructor who is graciously donating her time to travel from Connecticut to hold this workshop for the benefit of Atlantia and others who would like to join us.

Last year's inaugural event was a huge success, and lots of folks, several who were new to SCA dance, learned many dances and how to do them with grace and elegance. Susan is masterful at teaching even the complete beginner, while imparting bountiful information and style to the very experienced as well. This is truly an unusual opportunity to learn from an extraordinary teacher a skill set that will impress and inspire your friends. (Wanna know a secret? ... It's really not hard; that's a myth ... But don't tell your friends :)

The event will consist of a day-long garb-optional workshop, and the evening will be an in-garb ball in the Italian-nobility style, where you can put that new-found knowledge to work!

Plus, there will be LOADS of good food! And for those who have travel companions who may not wish to participate in the workshop itself, we'll have a small café set up with games and cards and, again, tons of food.

Details on the event are available at http://isenfir.org/lesson/ Pre-registration is STRONGLY encouraged, as has been discussed here, before. :) And for those who cannot pre-register in advance for whatever reason, still let me know that you want to come, so we can make sure that there is PLENTY of food!

I highly encourage you to come and get a taste of the courtly life. This will be a terrific day and a real chance to learn something that you don't often get to learn.

Contact me with any questions you may have.

Bryan Morgan