"Aoife's Links" moving to new e-mail list on SCAtoday.net

Dame Aoife, publisher of the weekly "Aoife's Links" collection of interesting web resources for the Current Middle Ages, will be publishing the links on a list server provided by SCAtoday.net.

"Aoife's Links" is popular with many SCAdians, and the task of distributing the list every week to dozens of e-mail recipients has grown to become cumbersome. SCAtoday.net has offered, and Aoife has accepted, an e-mail list in the scatoday.net domain. Aoife will be the owner of the list, and the only person (other than our site administrators) allowed to post on the list.

In a letter to her readers, Aoife explained the rationale for the change:

The move won't cause you any more mail nor will it bring you any junk. It is simply a way to continue posting the Links Lists, which have become quite popular, while still protecting myself from global viruses. Some of you may be aware that my last email address was hijacked for illegal purposes. Cessation of forwarding my personal address around the globe (through the current Links system) will hopefully fix that problem for me.

In a few weeks I will cease broadcast emailing the Links List, and you will need to join the new list individually in order to continue to receive it (it may or may not go out to the current other subscribing email list — we're working on that). Of course, you may continue to forward the Links Lists from the SCAtoday.net e-list wherever you like. It'll be a read-only list, with no one posting to it but me, so it should not produce any extra mail in your in-box if you already receive the Links List. And the best part: it's NOT a Yahoo group! No Spam or Ads!

As Aoife noted, the origination of the mail from the SCAtoday.net domain will not change its legal status in any way. Aoife still owns the copyright, and she has still chosen to grant permission for the links messages to be forwarded elsewhere. In addition, SCAtoday.net will continue to publish (with her kind permission) the Aoife Links columns in our normal web article format, where they are also indexed by our search feature. We are working on getting the links added to our links directory as well, though that is a very large task that will take some time.

SCAtoday.net is honored and pleased that we are able to assist Dame Aoife in distributing her very useful information. We had the technical resources to help her solve a logistical problem, and we are quite happy to do so.

A listing of other SCAtoday.net email lists can be found at http://scatoday.net/mailman/listinfo. Click on the "original article" link below to go directly to the subscription page for the Aoife-links list.