Outlands Minister of Lists resigns amid Crown Tourney investigation

Lady Danica Leah, who has served as Minister of the Lists in Outlands, has resigned that position, posting a resignation letter on the kingdom email list.

Lady Danica is not accused of any wrongdoing, but stated that she felt she was unable to serve in the office in light of a disagreement between herself and those running the investigation.

Lady Danica had posted to the Outlands list previously, expressing her opinions about the invalidation of the recent Crown Tourney by the Society Seneschal, Master Aaron Swiftrunner. Subsequent to that post, Their Majesties Giovanni and Cainnleach contacted Danica, stating that her facts were incomplete and urging her to contact them privately for additional information before posting further. Danica responded on-list by posting the resignation letter, stating, "...with a heavy heart, I turn in my resignation as Kingdom Mistress of the List..."

Their Majesties have accepted the resignation, and THL Seuilla DeCordoba has agreed to assume the position of Minister of Lists temporarily until a permanent replacement is named.

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, reminded list readers that "the Society Seneschal still has an active investigation into the events leading up to the situation under way, at the direction of the Board," and urged list subscribers to refrain from discussing details of the situation until that investigation is completed.

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