Historical Fiction: How do medieval-themed restaurants get it wrong?

Seven myths about medieval food, and how medieval-themed restaurants, like the Medieval Times restaurant chain and the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, get them wrong.

Mark Schatzker argues that our medieval-themed restaurants portray people of that era as ill-mannered gluttons who demanded little of their food than that there be a lot of it. The restaurants, he says, serve a lot of poorly-prepared food made from ingredients not known to Europeans of the Middle Ages, yet it can still be a fun experience if you drop off your historical knowledge at the cloakroom.

Thanks to Alianora Munro for the link.

...but one could also examine

...but one could also examine places like The Olde Hansa (http://www.oldehansa.com) where they really try to serve medieval food. Of course, you have to go to Estonia to partake, but that seems to me to be as good an excuse as any...