Barony of Atenveldt Investiture

On October 2, 2004 at court at Estrella Mountain Park, the Barony of Atenveldt saw its outgoing Baron and Baroness honored and the new Baron and Baroness installed.

Looking magnificent in a purple gown, Baroness Dascha was escorted in to court by Baron William dressed in a safron shirt and purple ionar. They held their last court and then relinquished their coronets to Their Majesties, Craven and Ismenia, who thanked them for their long and loyal service. They then retired from the thrones and watched joyfully as Rhys and Eden, clad in magnificent red mantles and matching cote and gown (and attended by their little daughter in a matching kirtle), were sworn in as Baron and Baroness of Atenveldt.

Great cheering arose from all the people after they swore to hold the Barony in loyal fealty to the Crown of Atenveldt! They then held their first court, received homage from their Baronial Champions and introduced Lady Elena as chief Lady in Waiting and Lord Edward as Chamberlain for their reign.

Baron Rhys and Baroness Eden, wearing their coronets then looked on as Mistress Dascha and Sir William were inducted into the Order of Thegns and Banthegns by Their Majesties. Thegn William and Posadnitza Dascha received their coronets to a standing ovation of all the people and the court.

Lord Seamus McDaid, Aten Principal Herald, was called into court to receive a Grant of Arms and the thanks of the Crown for his long service.. It is believed that his lordship will have no trouble getting the Aten Herald to sign his scroll to attest to the grant.

The members of the Order of the Hope of the Sun were called into court next and Her Majesty stated that their company needed to be enlarged. She left her throne and walked to where Matthew, son of Herzog Mathias von Leuvenburg, sat with his father. She escorted him to the thrones and, surrounded by members of the Order, he received the medallion of the Order and a scroll made by Lady Segurocha "Trouble" Unegen and Maestra Alex the Scribe.

Lastly Jennifer Trethewy, an extraordinary calligrapher whose name had become familiar to Atenveldt by its repitition on scroll after scroll, was herself the recipient of an Award of Arms and a scroll she didn't have to write!

There being still more Treaty business (and supper!) the court was recessed to shouts of Long Live the King, Queen, Prince, Princess and the sovereign land of Atenveldt!

Because I had to leave the event after court, I will hope that another will finish the tale of this day's events. I will only say congratulations to our new Baron and Baroness who will lead us into the future with the same enthusiasm that their predecessors showed us for the last three wonderful years!

I've uploaded some pics from the Investiture court to my Yahoo photo album. The album is titled Investiture and Court 10-02-04. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Dame Katharine of Cate Hall
Aten Signet