Kingdom Fundraiser at Hunters' Feast Features Magnificent Handmade Quilt

THL Galiana fitz William has spent a year creating a fabulous quilt, nine feet (three metres) square, which is being donated to a fundraising auction in the Kingdom of Outlands. The quilt is entitled "The Outlands Tree of Life." THL Galiana fitz William spent over 1000 hours, spread over a year's time, creating the quilt. It is so large that her lord husband had to hang it from a deck railing to photograph it, because it couldn't be spread upright inside their home. The quilt features a "tree of life" design commonly found in Celtic art, but with a theme that is similar to the Outlands Kingdom heraldry.

The auction happens December 7, 2002, at Hunters' Feast in Windkeep. Proceeds from the auction will be split between the Outlands royal travel fund and the Unser Hafen Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to deserving gentles who would otherwise be unable to attend large events such as Estrella War.

THL Galiana, a six-year member of the SCA, is well known for her cooking skill and prepares food for several hundred gentles at Estrella War each year and at other events. She is an accomplished seamstress, as the quilt clearly shows, and has done service to her kingdom and barony as a scribe. For her dedication in welcoming newcomers to the SCA, Galiana was made the premier recipient of the Order of the Salt Bearer, a baronial award for service to newcomers. Together with her husband, THL Gwilim de Glamorgan, she has served as Autocrat for several major events in the northern reaches of the Outlands. Her service at the kingdom level earned her a GoA-level award, the Order of the Stag.