Twelfth Night Coronation

The Canton of Hukka invites you to Twelfth Night Coronation, held in the northern barony of Aarnimetsä on January 7-9, 2005.

The darkness of winter will be enlivened by courtly splendour, many kinds of chivalrous deeds, arts and sciences as well as good food and company from all over our fair kingdom.

Site: The site is a school, Sipoon koulukeskus, address Iso Kylätie 8, 04130 Sipoo. There's plenty of space, but sleeping is on the floor in assorted classrooms. Showers will be available for some hours each day and the more adventurous Drachenwalders can also try an outdoor tent sauna. The site opens at 4 p.m. on Friday and closes at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Site rules: We'll only take 250 reservations. The site is discreetly wet. Pets are not allowed to enter the building; smoking is only allowed at designated spots outdoors. Minors attending the event without their legal guardian must bring written permission with their guardian's contact information.

Site location: The village of Sipoo is located about 40 km east of Helsinki. The nearest internation airport is Helsinki (HEL) and pickups from the airport and the ferry terminals will be arranged if booked at least a week in advance. There's also a frequent bus line from Helsinki to the site. There are two supermarkets and a liquor store within a short walking distance of the site.

A list of accomodation near the site (within easy driving distance) as well as more travel information will be provided later. You can also ask the event travel advisor, Johanna aff Hucka at , for help with travel options.

Weather: The winter temperatures in greater Helsinki area vary from +5 to -20 degrees celsius and especially in warmer temperatures the conditions are often wet and slippery. Indoors the temperature will be a normal about +20 degrees celsius, but to get to the site you'll need a warm cloak/jacket and shoes with good grip - and don't forget your mittens, hat/scarf and warm underwear! (Ask Johanna, if in doubt.)

Food: A warm dinner on Friday is included in the site fee. Breakfast is served both mornings and on Saturday lunch is available. A feast for 200 will be served Saturday evening. If you have any questions about food, please contact our cook, Mistress Jaelle, at

Program: The first part of the Kingdom A&S competition will be held at the event. For further information, contact kingdom MoAS at .

Friday evening, before the official A&S competition, a competition will be held on "The Ugliest Item You Ever Made". Do not throw away that ugly thing you found when cleaning the cupboard but enter it into this competition! The item can be old or incomplete, but has to be made by you. A one-sentence documentation telling what the item is supposed to be is mandatory (the event will provide paper and pen). All the items entering have to be on the exhibition table by 9 p.m. on Friday, after which the public votes for the winning item. If the winner is too ashamed to get the prize personally, we'll lend him or her a hood/veil that hides the face. The autocrat would especially like to see all Laurels attend to this competition as well!

We especially hope to have many live performances of music, recitation and singing at this event. If you are interested in performing, please contact Lady Kaarina at .

Merchants are welcome and there are also tables for guilds and other interest groups who want to gain publicity to their activities.

Please check oue webpage for further details. We will be updating it on a regular bases.

Cost: site fee: 12 EUR for members, 16 EUR for non-members (includes dinner Friday night) meal package: (two breakfasts and Saturday lunch): 8 EUR feast: 10 EUR

Late fee: There is a late fee of 7 EUR for any reservations made after December 26, 2004 or not paid for. If you don't live in Finland, we'll contact you personally about payment details. Note. For anyone living in a euro country, only paid reservation is a valid reservation.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel by Dec. 26, we'll return all your money. If you cancel between Dec. 26 and Dec 31, you will get your food money back. If you cancel later than Dec. 31, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. If you have an unpaid reservation and neither cancel nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs including late fee and a handling cost of 3 EUR.

Reservations should be sent directly to the autocrat. Remember to say which meals you want. If you do not your sca-name in the reservation list on the event webpage, please let us know. If you have dietary restrictions, please contact the cook directly.

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