Dragon's Laire Baronial Bardic Championship

I am very pleased to announce the very first Dragon's Laire Baronial Bardic Championship! It will be held at our annual Yule Feast on December 4, 2004 at the Longbranch Improvement Club; 4312 Key Peninsula Hwy S., Longbranch, WA 98351.

The rules for the Dragon's Laire Bardic Championship appear below. Deadline for submission of the Notice of Intention is November 4, 2004. I look forward to hearing from some talented Bards!


THL Angharad Albanes
Bardic Championship Coordinator
Dragon's Laire


a. To choose a ‘performing arts’ Champion for the Barony of Dragon’s Laire.
b. The performing arts include:
i. Vocal music.
ii. Instrumental music.
iii. Story telling.
iv. Poetry. v. Drama.
vi. Dance.
vii. Physical arts (jugglers, acrobats, jesters, magicians, etc.)
viii. Other performance type arts may be allowed at the discretion of the Baron & Baroness, the "Bardic" autocrat, and the Baronial A&S minister.


a. Entrants must be paid members of the SCA, Inc.
b. Entrants must submit a written Notice of Intention to enter the Baronial Bardic Championship:
i. Written notice can be snail mail, e-mail, or by personally delivered to the Baronial Bardic Championship Coordinator.
ii. The Notice of Intention is due to the Baronial Bardic Championship Coordinator 30 days prior to the Championship.
iii. The Notice must include a description (i.e., time period, country of origin, etc.) of the entries planned.


a. To swear an oath of fealty or service to the Coronets.
b. To defend the honor and prestige of the Coronets and the Barony of Dragon’s Laire, whenever such is challenged.
c. To support the Coronets in war. To take the field at the Coronet’s command.
d. To maintain membership in the Society during the champion’s term of service.
e. To speak or act in the Coronet’s name when delegated to do so.
f. To further the interests of their area of endeavor.
g. To attend the next Baronial Bardic Championship, where their successor will be chosen.


a. The competition will be styled similarly to the Kingdom Bardic Competition.
b. The Initial Judging –
i. The entrants will be judged by teams of three judges (specialized if possible to the field of endeavor that the entrant has chosen).
ii. The judges will use a judging form that is similar to that used by the Kingdom.
iii. Audience appeal will also be a factor in determining who becomes a finalist.
c. The final judging-
i. The finalist will be judged by a team of 3 to 5 judges.
ii. The judges will determine the winner based on depth, breadth and ambassadorship.
iii. The finalists may be given fifteen minutes notice to prepare a piece on the subject of the Coronet's choosing.


a. Number of pieces:
i. The entrant will be required to present two entries in the initial judging.
ii. The time taken to judge the entry will be broken into: oral presentation, performance, questions, time for the judges to consult, and time for judges to prepare for the next participant.
b. ‘Periodicity’ requirement – All entries must either be documentably period OR have a period/traditional ‘feel’, sound or ambience.
c. Documentation – All entries must have written documentation.
d. Category requirement – There are no ‘category’ requirements (i.e.: one music, one story, etc.). The entrant may choose any two entries they wish, however ONE of the two entries must be a documentably period performance piece.
e. Group entries:
i. Group entries will be permitted, however the entrant’s contribution to the piece must be easily distinguishable from that of the other members of the group.
ii. If the entrant’s contribution is not easily distinguishable (i.e. – to determine the abilities of one singer in a madrigal group), then the entrant must also perform at least a portion of their ‘part’ as a solo. This can happen either before, after or during the group performance.


a. Single entries will be permitted.
b. Single entries must pre-register in writing by contacting the Baronial Bardic Championship Coordinator.
c. Single entrants should give a detailed description of their entry when they register.
d. Single entrants must have documentation.