Outlands Earl Marshall elaborates on Crown Tourney situation

Sir Lavan Longwalker, the Earl Marshall of the Kingdom of Outlands, has published an explanation of how a fighter who was technically not authorized entered and then won the recent Crown Tournament.

Sir Lavan writes:

Unto the populace of the Outlands comes greetings
from Sir Lavan Longwalker, Kingdom Earl Marshall

In order for our Kingdom to move forward a clarification of the decision of the Society Seneschal and Board of Directors regarding voiding the results of the last crown tournament is essential. The Outlands martial requirements for receiving a Green Card state that a fighter must go through the authorization process in full armor including a verbal examination regarding the rules and regulations of armored combat.

Duke Tomuki did not participate in the authorization process; however, a green card was given to him at crown tournament by the marshallate who were under the impression that he had previously gone through the appropriate authorization process.

Due to the fact that His Grace did not follow the appropriate authorization procedure it was deemed he was not an authorized fighter in good standing as is required by Outlands Kingdom law therefore the Board ruled our Crown tournament invalid.

Outlands Crown Tournament will be fought in accordance with Outlands Law, November 6th in the Barony of Caerthe in conjunction with their Arts and Sciences event. All eligible society members and authorized fighters are welcome to submit a letter of intent to Their Majesties no later than November 1st.

In Service
Lavan Longwalker

Republished by kind permission of Sir Lavan and Their Majesties Giovanni and Cainnleach.

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