Chateau de Malvoisie

The Shire of Nea Nikopolis (Greece) invites you all to an extraordinary event at the magnificent Castle of Monemvassia.

Situated on a little island just off the coast of the Peloponnese and connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge, Monemvassia is a true medieval castle village. Come and experience the feel of a place that has been continuously lived in since the crusades. This is a unique chance to visit a truly amazing site of Greece. You will surely understand what that means once you marvel at the ocean view from the castle battle walls.

The site is the entire city (no street address). There will be combat related activities at the main square and general merrymaking throughout the castle, surely upsetting the locals! There will also be period games and classes as well as a complete tour of the city organized by Lord Alexius von Reuenthal (you might find interesting an article written by him in the following link: There might even be some swimming for the bold, if weather permits it!

Accommodation will be provided in an authentic medieval building located in the heart of the city that was turned into a guesthouse, in stone rooms with showers and central heating. Unfortunately, the owner will charge us hotel rates (although significantly discounted) thus the event fee will cost no less than €80,00. The price includes accommodation, breakfast and feast on Saturday evening in a traditional (albeit off period!) Greek taverna.

The event begins at 15:00 on Friday and finishes at 11:00 on Sunday. Since it is an authentic medieval site the streets are cobblestone, so handicap access is rather hard but not impossible. Transportation to the site will be available by our own cars, as we will set out from Athens on Friday morning around 10:00 and will arrive in Monemvassia approximately at 13:00.

Maximum attendance is 30 people. Crash space in Athens before and after the event is limited and will be provided in a first come first serve basis.

For all inquiries please contact Wilfred of Byron.

Event Stewards:

Wilfred of Byron (George Shinas)

Lord Angel de Saint Germain -aka Brother Angel- (Angel Pantelios)