Outlands Crown Tournament Invalidated

The Society Seneschal, with approval of the BoD, has declared Outlands' recent Crown Tournament to be invalid, due to a technical problem with the winner's fighter authorization.

Master Aaron Swiftrunner, Society Seneschal, has published the following missive explaining the problem:

Unto the Crown and people of the Kingdom of the Outlands do come these greetings from Aaron faheud, Baron Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep, Society Seneschal, on this thirtieth day of September in the year 2004 as noted in the common era — being the Feast of St. Alberic the Just.

Gracious Majesties:

It is with deep regret and heavy heart that I must inform you today of the results of a review of Your Fall Crown Tournament. It is found that—at the time of the tournament—the Victor of Your Crown List—HG Tamuki—was not an authorized fighter in good standing as is required by Your Kingdom Law. As a result of this I have had to rule the tournament invalid and incapable of producing Heirs to the Throne of the Outlands.

The Board has upheld this ruling and directed that the tournament be re-fought in accordance with Outlands Law.

Please have Your Seneschal inform me as to the timing and details of these proceedings as they are finalized.

Warmest Regards,

Aaron Swiftrunner
Seneschal, SCA, Inc.

Details on the nature of Tamuki's authorization problem have not been provided at this time, but Francesca (mka Meg Baron), SCA President, says an investigation is pending:

The Board has directed the Society Seneschal to investigate how [this] happened and determine the root cause. It is important to note that the investigation to date has shown that the fault did not lie with the Crown, the Marshallate, or the Lists officer, all of whom acted properly.

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