Spring Show Camp

Company of the Duke's Leopards would like to invite all SCAdians to its Spring Show Camp to be held on the Island of Jersey May 28-30, 2005.

The Showground — part of the lands of an old Jersey farm, and away from the main road — is large enough that our Camp will be completely separated from the mundane exhibits by 75 yards or so of greensward, at the Southern end of one of their fields, bordered by mature trees fronted by a young plantation.

In this location what we plan is something like Pennsic's "Enchanted Ground"* for any who attend to camp with us. That is, the public will be able to walk around Camp from 10.00am to 5.00pm through roped-off lanes, to see exhibits and any active displays, and the rest of the time will be for us to enjoy ourselves, medieval style. We hope there may be much mingling around the camp-fires.

There will be 24hrs on-site security, and the Showground — which was an old Jersey Farm — is set a hundred yards back away from the main Trinity road, Unlike at "The Revels" camp at Gorey Village Green, there will be no passing public only feet away from our tents.

This time, unlike at The Jersey Revels [where events and scheduling were not under our control], The Companie will be in control of all medieval events, putting-on whatever displays we may choose, to delight and enthrall visitors to the Spring Fair. This means we will be able to invite any SCAdians who are able to attend to mount their own static or active displays of the "Crafts of Warre and Peace".

For the last 2 years, we have been able to have a really spacious campsite, a paddock for horses, and, in addition to use of the main arenas, our own separate grassy arena large enough for Tourney Lists, melees, Projectile Ranges and/or Archery Butts. We anticipate the same facilities being available for May, 2005.

There will be no limitations on camp cooking fires. Firewood — dry, cut logs — can be advance-ordered locally. A little, village convenience-store is only 5 minutes away by car, as is a good pub, "The Trinity Arms". For those SCAdians who might like something slightly different as a 2005 Spring Holiday, they could combine guesting at a 3-day medieval camp with our Companie with a day or so enjoying the rest of "mundane" Jersey.

For further information, those interested may contact me at smnco37@yahoo.co.uk or visit the website for the Jersey Revels at

Yours In Service,
Julian Wilson,
for The Companie of the Duke's Leopards, in "olde" Jersey,
15 miles off the French Coast.