Wolgemut to Perform in Midrealm

Wolgemut's last concert in the United States before returning to Europe will take place October 28, 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wolgemut, the popular band that has endeared itself to the SCA at Pennsic, will perform its last concert before returning to Europe October 28, 2004 at the Old Saint George in Cincinnati. The concert will start at 7:00 p.m. and is scheduled to last 2 hours. It will include music from the 13th-17th centuries, played on bagpipes, shawms, tupan, flute and other instruments.

From I-71 (southbound) Exit I-71 at W.H. Taft Street (exit #3). Go straight through light by White Castles. Taft changes into Calhoun at the next light. Follow Calhoun to site. The Site is on the right, first building past Vine Street.

From I-71 (northbound) Exit I-71 at Reading Road (exit #2). Stay to left of the exit ramp. Follow Reading up the hill, veer left at the fork onto Burnet. Turn left at next light onto Calhoun. The Site is on the right, first building past Vine Street.

From I-75 Take Hopple Street exit ( exit #3) turn left and cross Central Parkway, go up hill on Dixsmyth. Halfway up the hill Dixsmyth changes to Martin Luther King. At the top of hill, turn right onto Clifton Ave. Follow Clifton until it ends at McMillian. Turn left onto McMillian. Follow McMillian to Vine street. Turn left onto vine and take 1st left onto Calhoun. The Site is on the right, first building past Vine Street.

There is a small parking lot next to the site with a limited number of spaces. Behind the site is a large parking garage. You will be able to unload for the event in the lot, even if the lot is full, before you have to park in the garage. There will be gentles there to facilitate and direct to help to make this flow as smoothly as possible.

From the Site- To I-71 - Follow Calhoun to Clifton Ave.. Turn left onto Clifton. Turn left on McMillian, Follow McMillian to Auburn Ave. Turn Right onto Auburn. Follow Auburn to Dorchester Turn left onto Dorchester, go down the hill to Reading Rd.. Follow the signs for the I-71 north or south .

To I-75 - Follow Calhoun Street until it ends at Clifton Ave., turn right. Follow Clifton to Martin Luther King, turn left, go down the hill Halfway down the hill ML King changes to Dixmyth. Follow Dixmyth to Central Parkway. Follow signs to North or South I-75.

Thanks to Micaylah for the information.