Oerthans Gather at Old Buzzard Inn

Herr Wilhelm von Düsseldorf, autocrat for Old Buzzard Inn, reports on the festivities at this year's event.

Herr Wilhelm schreib:

As this year's inkeeper, First, let me thank my team:

  • Moral support, and advice-upon-request: Master Morgan, Mistress Flanna, Master Sir Georg, and Mistress Katrazina,
  • Talking me through night-before jitters: Lady Celestria
  • Loaning me things I didn't have: Mistress Katrazina and Mistress Flanna
  • Lending the Barony her home, and me her kitchen: Lady Isabelle
  • Clean, Peel, and Chop: Yukikosan and Lady Isabelle
  • Making me feel good about autocrating: All twelve others who showed up!
  • The Brute Squad (lugging in the firepit, tables, and boxes of stuff, moving furniture): Viscount Dietric Georgson, and three others whom I know not---
  • Not freaking out because I'm autocratting: My Lady Wife Anasasiia.

Now, what happened:
Some people learned to play Shut-the-Box.

We held the cribbage tournament. In a field of three, I won. I have enough KEM cards, so I will put the prize back in for Next Year's OBI.

The Mug Rally: 4 men and two ladies entered. Lord Conal won the Lords division, Lady Isabelle the Ladies.
The Snuffling: Buliwyf Hygilliac... by graceful lift of Amy. Best Wench: Split between Amy (She made a WONDERFUL showing) and Lady Isabelle, who gets better at it every year.
Tall Tale: Amy again... around tthe fire pit...
Best Desert: None showed with documentation. Two non documented ones, Lady Isabelle's Roasted marshmallows , and Sir Georg's Ale Slushie.
Lady isabelle won, but Sir Georg deserves an Honorable Mention!

We sang inside, I played my violin, and we went outside and told stories by the firepit.

We ate wonderful Beef Stew and Chiken Stew, and Many of us drank Mulled Cider (Cider donated by Mistress Katrazina. Thank-you!).

We talked, remembered missing friends, welcomed friends we'd not seen in a while, and welcomed two newcomers!

My thanks to all our patrons.

Herr Wilhelm von Düsseldorf