Feast of the Unicorn

Join us as we celebrate the noble and virtuous unicorn, symbol of strength and purity! Chivalry, courtly love, and grand display will be the focus of this wonderful event.

Feast of the Unicorn
November 19-21,2004
Canton of Cyddlain Downs- Lake Greenwood, SC

Martial Activities
Tournaments of skill and chivalry with armored combat. Our light weapons tourney will be dedicated to the honorable art of defense. The archery field will be open to all who wish to test their accuracy.

Arts and Sciences
There will be two competitions- any item featuring heraldic unicorns and overall display. All are welcome to show off their talents and skills.

A Feast for all palates!!! Feast will be prepared by our Head Cook, Lord Nichola Buscelli (Greg Wardlaw) and his Crew of cooks. This feast will be a delight that will please your eyes as well as your taste buds. Please address all allergy concerns to our Head Cook, Lord Nichola, at kattratt@charter.net

The site is beautiful Camp Fellowship, 457 Camp Fellowship Road, Waterloo, SC, 29384. Our field is facing Lake Greenwood, SC. Cabins with electricity and tenting are available.

Fees: Day trip - Camping - Feast
Adult- $6.00 + $7.00 + $7.00
Child 6-17 $3.00 + $3.50 + $7.00
Under 6 Guests of the canton + $3.00
Non-member- add $3.00 to site fee

Lady Etain of Sutherland (Robin White) Claybaby2@aol.com

From I-26, take Clinton exit 54 and follow Hwy 72 toward Greenwood for 21 miles. Turn left at the Camp Fellowship sign and follow the signs. From Greenwood, take Hwy 72 across the dam and turn right just past Lee's Barbecue.