SCA featured in news article in California

The Palo Alto Weekly news magazine, published in of Central California (West Kingdom), has a magnificent four-page article on the SCA in its September 22 issue. (Updated)

The article includes interviews, descriptions of the SCA, numerous photos by Nicholas Wright, and even a rough map of the Known World showing the seventeen kingdoms.

The URL linked from the "original article" link takes you to an HTML page which downloads quickly but is missing most of the photos; the PDF version is a full printable rendition of the Palo Alto Weekly magazine issue in which the article appears (starting on page 32).

Editor's note: If you want to print the article from the PDF version, note that you will have to tell the Acrobat™ Reader to scale it to your paper size unless you have a large-format printer. Thanks to Karen Larsdatter, staff reporter, for providing the alternate link.