Stowe Faire

To One and All, Greetings!

The Canton of Stowe in the Wowld cordially invite you all to the inaugural Stowe Faire - a weekend of stuff! That's right a weekend of Stuff, fighting, collegia, merchants, fencing, archery, singing, feasting, dancing...bearbating, dogfights (allright maybe not the last two, we got carried away...) , Stowe's first ever Arm Wrestling tourney PLUS Stowe's A&S Triathlon...and any other stuff that you, that's right, you want to do! And it's a camping event, what more could you want??? Fighting is on Saturday, fighting collegium on Sunday.

So come to Stowe, meet the friendliest people going and have yourselves a most excellent time.

Did we hear you say you want more? Well, you tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it so.

More info can be found at the website is under construction, but will be updated as the event progresses along.

Stay tuned for more stuff...

This has been a community announcement sponsored by the Organising Team of Stowe Faire.

Stowe Faire - Do Stuff!

The website has been updated!

The website has been updated! We now have: Household Challenge, A&S collegia, competitions and Triathlon, Tournaments, Games, Ball, Feast, Merchants and Knight School Go to for more info. Don't forget, if there is something you would like to run, or something you would like us to run, please let us know