Renaissance Horse Faire & Nottinghill Coill Baronial Fighter Practice

The Barony of Nottinghill Coill will be participating with the Union County Horsemen's Association at their Renaissance Horse Faire as a demo for the Barony.

Renaissance Horse Faire Nottinghill Coill Baronial Fighter Practice

September 25th, 2004 Union County Fairgrounds 9 am to 4 pm

The Barony of Nottinghill Coill will be participating with the Union County Horsemen' Association at their Renaissance Horse Faire as a demo for the Barony. The Faire is a tack/flea market/yard sale and will also include horses that are for sale. The site is a small fairgrounds with lots of trailer parking, a large arena for us to play the mounted SCA games in, plenty of room for pavilions and erics plus areas for Arts and Sciences stuff.

The Faire will run from 9 am to 4 pm, rain or shine. Rapier fighting will run all day, in various senarios. The planned tourney styles will be a one on one tourney, dice tourney round, wounding only tourney, bear pit tourney, three on three tourney round, and the final round will be the Never Ending Melee. Of course we also want to promote our "realm" and so will have a Hospitality table set up in the Arts and Sciences area for the Chatelains of our local groups to pass out flyers and explain about how much fun the SCA is.

Breakfast and lunch are available on the Fairgrounds from the consession merchants (funnel cakes, corn dogs...the usual) You can also bring items for sale, so clean out the attic, garage and back room! We will have an SCA merchant available that will sell our flea stuff so that you don' have to sit at a table all day. For information about our sale table, please find Lady Ursala de Nunez before 9 am Saturday. We will be setting up the equipment at the site Friday afternoon. If you would like to set up a pavilion, please let Lord Nichola Buscelli know in advance We have to have everything set up and ready to go by 9 am Saturday morning. Breakdown of equipment, pavilions, etc. will happen right after the Faire closes at 4 pm.

Please make sure to keep mundanities to a minimum, bring banners, etc. to decorate and make sure that you and your party look appropriatly period. This is an official Baronial Fighter Practice, however, since it is also a chance for us to recruit more people into our Faire Barony, everyone should be mindful of hiding modern things. There will be a cookout at Elaine' Friday evening after the equipment is set up at the Fairground. Please give a headcount of people that will be coming to the cookout if you would like to come. Camping is also available at Elaine's . Primitive camping is free and camping with a hook up to water/electric is $5.00 per night per site (no limit on people per site). There is a full bathroom in the tack room with a shower that has hot water that everyone is welcome to use. Elaine’s farm is a wet site. If you would like to camp at Elaine', please let Lord Nichola know by September 23rd (864-306-3502)

After the Faire is over, anyone who is interested in eating supper before heading home is welcome to join us all at a local restaurant (location to be announced later by Elaine).

Address of Union County Fairgrounds: 120 Kirby St., Union, SC

Directions from Charlotte, NC
I-85 in Charlotte, take I-77 south about 12 miles, then take the CAROW INDS BLVD exit to cut over to Hwy 49 > NOTE > (((YOU WILL SEE AN EXIT for Hwy 49 BEFORE YOU GET TO THE CAROWINDS EXIT. DO NOT TAKE IT, EVEN THOUGH Hwy 49 IS WHERE YOU ULTIMATELY WANT TO BE. BY GOING DOWN FURTHER AND TAKING CAROWINDS OVER TO IT, YOU CUT OFF A LOT OF CONGESTED TRAVEL.))) Take Carowinds West to a major intersection with traffic light where you will turn left onto Tryon Blvd (or street). That is also Hwy 49. This will become a back-country rural road and will take you thru a few small towns - York, Sharon, Lockhart and on into Union. In Union, carefully follow the Hwy#49 signs thru town to the intersection with Hwy#176 (4-lane) Turn right, watch for Fairgrounds on right. At next intersection traffic light, turn right onto Old Buffalo Road. Entrance to Fairgrounds is second right.

Ignore above and stay on #176. At the traffic light make a left turn, which will keep you on 176. Follow it for about 2 miles. See McDonalds and Walmart on left, watch for stadium and Fairgrounds on right. At traffic light, turn right on Old Buffalo Road. Second right is entrance to Fairgrounds.