Calontiri Garner Honors at Mooneschadowe

Nazir of the Kingdom of Calontir and her Excellency Sigen Northkeep report on the recent Mooneschadowe Guardian event that took place in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. THL Chiara, Ansteorra's Webminister, shares photos.

Nazir writes:

Hello all,

I won't be able to do this as well as Jenna does it, but here is the event report from this weekend in Ansteorra at the Mooneschadowe guardian event in oklahoma.

First of all the event was great and the people of Ansteorra were wonderful. There was a swiss five tourney with 72 fighters, 23 of which were from Calontir. This was largely due to Siridean stirring the pot for the last two years. For anyone that doesn't know the background of the is a small shire on the northern edge of Ansteorra with a shire champions tourney. The list of the first 21 champions is sort of a who's who of Ansteorra (quote from Valens). However, the last two champions were Siridean and myself (Nazir). So this year the Ansteorrans came out of the woodwork to win it back. After you win the tournament you can't fight in it again, but the following year you get to dictate the format for the tourney. So when it came down to it this year by the end of round three there were 12 undefeated fighters in the tourney, 6 from Ansteorra and 6 from Calontir, by the end of round four there were 9 undefeated fighters, 4 calontiri and 5 ansteorrans, pairing! them creatively to reduce the tie at the end of the tourney (a common practice in ansteorra) left the semi finals between His grace Joeangus and HE Alceonyus (sp?) in one half of the tree and a three way round robin of HE Dafydd, Sir "Bunny", and Justinian of Ansteorra. When reduction was finished the finals were HG Joeangus and HE Dafydd. Joeangus won best 2 of 3 in the finals and won the mooneschadowe guardian tournament...Yay Calontir wins again. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE....

There were eight competitions this weekend.

  • Guardian (heavy weapons)
  • A&S
  • Archery
  • Thrown weapons
  • Chess
  • Bardic
  • Insignata (light weapons)
  • Guardian Defender (past guardians heavy weapons)

Calontir won...
Guardian, Thrown weapons, A&S, Bardic, Chess, Guardian defender....AND...

Only lost archery by one point taking second and third place both....AND...

When we left site on Sunday afternoon there were three calontiri from Vatavia who were taking part in the light weapons tourney...two of them had no losses after four rounds and one of them only had one loss...So we are waiting to find out how that went.

All in all, the members of the tribe that didn't make Armageddon, but went instead to Ansteorra...Did calontir proud.

His Majesty Drake toasted Calontirs' victories at both feast and court, and thanked us for being wonderful allies and neighbors.


And Her Excellency Sigen Northkeep adds:

Greetings to the Great Kingdom of Calontir from Sigen, Baroness Northkeep. May this season of harvest bring happiness to your lands!

Nazir, a mighty Huscarl of Calontir, while eloquent in his tale of conquest of this weekend past has failed to mention something very important.

It is of great interest to me, as a former Moonschadowe Queen of Grace and Wisdom, that the story be told, as you will read...

This year, the past winners were to come together to contest for the title Guardian Defender. Due to the Whims of Fate, it was to be that only two past Guardians would vie for the honor. Huscarl Nazir, and Centurian Thorgrim Northkeep. At the appointed hour, the contestants took the field. The sun was proud, and shone hotly down upon them. The contest was five rounds - Great Sword, Polearm, Two Weapons, Great Ax, and Sword and Shield. The combatants vied under the brazen sun, and did match two and two. In the final round, Hersir Thorgrim struck a mighty blow against Nazir, and did damage his shield arm. Thorgrim called for his hand protection, and yielded his shield up, in respect for the honor of his worthy opponent. Nazir was the quicker, and bested Thorgrim, thus becoming the First Guardian Defender of Moonschadowe!

That evening, in court, Nazir proclaimed that by winning the Guardian Tourney, one had demonstrated their prowess on the field of combat, but he felt that the Guardian Defender should be recognized for more than just martial prowess. The Guardian Defender should also demonstrate Chivalry, and Honor.

Then, Nazir proclaimed that Thorgrim, by yielding his shield in the final round as a point of honor, and by providing him some small hospitality, after the tourney, had demonstrated these qualities, and should be the Guardian Defender.

We were honored beyond words by this, as Mooneschadowe and her people have always held a special place in our hearts.

Calontir is well served by this Huscarl . Nazir is a fine example for the people, and most especially for the fighters of your great Kingdom, for he has shown great Honor, and Chivalry, and most importantly, that it is always good to have new friends.

Vivat Nazir! Vivat Calontir!

Sigen Northkeep
Sixteenth Queen of Grace and Wisdom of Moonschadowe

To view photos by THL Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio, Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra, click on the "original article" link.