"What Every Medievalist Should Know"

Scout Report: Scholars on every level will want to explore an online treasure trove chock full of SCA-useful material. The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB) site was begun in 1995 to establish an online resource for medievalists and others hoping to disseminate current research in the field and to serve as a repository of previous scholarship for the general public and scholars alike. Edited by Carolyn Schriber of Rhodes College, the site contains an online encyclopedia, updated regularly by various contributors, and a textbook library. The encyclopedia is divided into time periods (e.g., early medieval, high medieval) and thematic areas, such as religion and culture.

Highlights of the encyclopedia include a book-length work on medieval English towns and information on the religious orders of the time. The online textbook section contains full-length works, written by experts in their respective medieval fields, for use in the classroom. The site concludes with a helpful section for beginning scholars titled "What Every Medievalist Should Know," and a general interest area for persons seeking to learn more about medieval history.