Rocky Mountain Historical Combat Guild Regional Gathering

The Rocky Mountain Historical Combat Guild is having a regional gathering for our various study groups in the Front Range area. The intent is to get together, show everyone what we have been working on, socialize, and have fun. The event will take place at Skyview Middle School in Colorado Springs on September 25th.

The fee to cover the site is $10 per person. Directions are as follows:

From Denver (or Fort Collins): Take I-25 south to Colorado Springs and take the Academy Blvd. exit. Take Academy south for a few blocks and turn left on Woodmen. Head east on Woodmen for a few miles until you reach Powers. Turn right (south) on Powers. Take Powers south until you reach Dublin. Turn left (east) on Dublin. Dublin will end, and you will be forced to turn right on Poudre. Follow Poudre for approximately two blocks. Skyview Middle School will be on your left, and easily seen.

Schedule of Events

10:00 to 10:15 - Set up and Introductions
10:15 to 10:30 - Warm up
10:30 to 11:30 - Italian Swordsmanship
                 (Fiore dei Liberi, bastard sword) - Keith Jennings
11:30 to 12:30 - TBD
12:30 to  1:30 - English Swordsmanship
                 (Haerlian Manuscript, Greatsword) - Ben Roberts
 1:30 to  2:30 - Sword and Buckler
                 (I.33, arming sword and buckler) - Tony Jordan
 2:30 to  4:00 - Sparring & Free Play
 4:00 to  6:00 - Beer & Food with new friends off site

We had to cancel German Swordsmanship (Lichtenauer) because the instructor broke a toe at his karate class last night. Possible candidates to replace it are: Italian Dagger and Grappling (Fiore), Poleaxe (Jeu de la Hache), and Rapier (Capo Ferro). It all depends. I was hoping to fill this slot with some rapier instruction, but I'm not the event organizer. Some loaner equipment will be available on a first come, first served basis. We highly recommend gloves and some form of eye protection at a minimum for the classes.

Armor & Waster Information for Free Play

Weapon Forms: Weapons will be wood waster or blunt aluminum based.

  1. Sword/Buckler
  2. Spear
  3. Long Sword
  4. Poleaxe
  5. Dagger

Participants will be expected to sign a waiver.

Blossfechten: Will represent unarmored combat in the WMA community. Although a minimum amount of safety gear is necessary. Elbow pads, groin protection, throat protection, hand protection, gambeson with either a historical metal helm with a visor or a fencing mask (three- weapon or equivalent). The head protection should be padded in such a fashion so that all sides (front, left, right and rear) of the head are protected. The blossfechten combatants may use wood wasters based weapons only.

Harnischfechten: Will represent armored combat within the WMA community. The following criteria are required to participate in this tourney. Hard (metal or hardened leather) elbow, knee and forearm protection. Torso protection should cover the front and back of the body to protect vital organs. This may take the form of heavy leather, chain, plate armor or a combination. Lower leg protection in the form of padding or greaves is strongly advised. The Harnischfechten combatants will primarily use wood wasters. Aluminum weapons will be allowed if both combatants agree to their use and their Safety equipment/armor is approved for safety by the Event Organizers.

Some extra armor and weapons will be available on a "first come, first served" basis. Please make sure to bring an arming cap or some form of head covering to reduce the amount of perspiration shared in a borrowed mask.


Jester of Anglesey
John (Tony) Jordan