Help With Bardic Judging Needed at Midrealm Fall Coronation

THL Christian d'Hiver, Dragon Bard to Their Majesties Felix and Madeleina, has announced that help is needed for juding bardic competitions at the upcoming Middle Kingdom Coronation.

Christian d'Hiver writes:

Greetings from THL Christian d'Hiver, by the will of TRM Felix and Madeleina, Bard of the Middle Kingdom.

On October 23, 2004, on the day we in the Midrealm celebrate the coronation of Their Highnesses Brannos and Rebekah, there will be a bardic/performing arts challenge/competition/do at that event, held in Glouster, OH.

This is a call for judges/coaches.

There will be three degrees of entries:

Degree 1) Anyone may come with an entry and a stated goal, and ask for a critique.

We're looking for people who'd like to listen, encourage, and make suggestions to the performers according to their stated goals.

Degree 2) Anyone who enters may request a "dry run" scoring of their piece according to Midrealm A&S Faire criteria:

  • poetry (a modified criteria category, valuing both composition and recitation of original work)
  • performance of poetry, prose, or drama on a theme relevant to our SCA culture (modified from the "dramatic performance" category)
  • music performance: vocal (standard criteria)
  • music composition, SCA Culture Style (modified to value both composition and performance of original work)
  • bardic recitation (standard criteria)

People would be invited to enter as many categories as they pleased, under a limit of one piece per category. All documentation may be either written or given orally.

We're looking for people who'd like to listen to the performances, offer encouragement to the entrants, and score the works according to criteria.

Degree 3) People who enter at least 3 different categories at Degree 2 will be eligible for the big "eisteddfod" prize. The entrant whose top three scores are the highest will be declared the overall "winner" for the day.

I'm hoping to get at least seven or eight people willing to judge. You don't have to be a Midrealm citizen, and you don't have to have experience judging at any A&S Faire. You can judge if you're also planning on entering. If you're only comfortable coaching at Degree One, that's fine.

Thank you,
THL Christian d'Hiver, Dragon Bard