Sir Tristan von Eising Featured in Article on Fantasy in American Life As The Two Towers is about to be released, some news agencies have taken another look at the SCA. In an article from Netscape Network, author Lev Grossman takes a look at the role of fantasy in American life. He discusses "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," and "Lord of the Rings," but zeroes in on the SCA with a look at Sir Tristan von Eising from the Barony of Nordskogen (Minneapolis), who talks about the importance of the SCA in his life:

"Granted, the S.C.A. crowd is a good deal further out on the fringe than most people who will shell out to see The Two Towers, but as John Adcox, 38, a fantasy fan in Atlanta, points out, it's all relative. 'If I told you about a group that dresses oddly, paints their bodies and gathers by the thousand to share an enthusiasm, who would you think of?' he asks. 'Right, football fans.'"