Battle of Lornevale Keep

Coming soon to a Castle near you..... The Battle of Lornevale Keep is Saturday, September 25. It will be beginning with Siege classes in the morning, Stew pot for lunch, warlord tourney to determine sides, woods battle, field battle, and castle battle. Archery through out the day, and a bon fire in the evening hours to sing around and tell stories of great battles fought, of friends both far and near.

Schedule for the event
Site opens 4 pm
Torch Light Tourney- after dark (approx. 9 pm)

10:00am -Siege Class begins
11:30am -Lunch is served (Stone soup, bring an ingredient or 5 dollars)
12:30pm -Warlord Tourney Begins
1:00pm -Archery begins
1:30pm -Battles Begin
Dark: 30 -Bon Fires lit, stories begin

Castle Construction begins in the morning. (Those staying for the Castle Construction will receive a $5 rebate on their site fee)

Please send in your reservations soon. This will help determine the number of Port-a-johns that are ordered and I want to make certain we have enough for the weekend. Feel free to forward this to any who may be interested in playing with us at the event. If you have any questions, email me

Looking forward to seeing you all there,
In Service I Remain...
Hon. Lordship Yesungge Altan