Sir Corbet Winner of Atlantia's First Masters of Defense Tourney

Kynnyth Pyke, Marshal in Charge for the recent Masters of Defense Tournament in the Kingdom of Atlantia, reports that Sir Corbet was the victor.

Lord Kynnyth writes:


After a grueling 4 hour bear pit, consisting of all of the heavy and rapier forms, four fighters emerged to the semi-finals to compete to become the victor of the first Masters of Defense Tournament.

The semi finals would be fought as a best-of-ten format, with 5 bouts of rapier, and then 5 bouts of heavy, using each of the forms available. (i.e. One bout each of rapier, rapier & dagger, rapier & cloak, rapier & buckler, case of rapier, sword & shield, two sword, pole arm, spear and great sword. First fighter to six wins advanced).

Duke Cuan met Lochmere's own Lord Griffin Warwick with the first semi-final list. After the 5 bouts of rapier fighting had been completed, His Grace had a slim 3-2 lead over Griffin. However His Grace swept the first 3 bouts of the heavy list to advance to the finals with a record of 6-2.

Sir Colin and Master Roland (OWS) met on the second semi-finals list field. Master Roland led coming out of the rapier round 4-1. Master Roland proved to be worthy of finals by taking two of three bouts in the heavy list for a 6-2 record.

The finals would start with heavy fighting first, and then move to the rapier round. Cuan came out swinging, literally, and the heavy round was completed with Cuan having a 4-1 lead. Cuan took the single rapier bout that opened up the final rapier round of fighting, but Roland took the rapier and dagger round, leaving the score 5-2. Cuan finally secured victory by defeating Roland in Rapier and Cloak, for a 6-2 record in the finals.

Among fighters who did not cross over, Lord Connor (OWS) was the rapier list victor, and Sir Corbet was the armored list victor. When charged with presenting the chivalry award to the fighter of his choice, Duke Cuan selected Master Roland.

Thank you to all the fighters who came out to participate, and test those fighters who chose to show their skill on both lists.

Kynnyth Pyke
MIC, Masters of Defense Tournament