Real Viking II

Leap back 1000 years to the time the Vikings dominated northern Europe by attending Real Viking II. A unique Arts and Sciences Event of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., Real Viking II might best be described as a Living History Schola.

Sponsored by the Barony of the Middle Marches of the Middle Kingdom, Real Viking II will be held on October 22nd through October 25th, 2004, at AEP Recreation Lands, Campground K. The site is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Marietta, Ohio.

Women's Clothing
Men's Clothing
Chests 1, Chests 2
Trestle Tables
Cooking Equipment

If you would like the standards articles on CD-ROM, please contact the Event Steward.

Contact the Event Steward: Hersir Ragnar Ivarsson