Goose Festival - CANCELLED

CANCELLED In celebration of the change of season and the harvest, Ravensfjord is happy to host the first ever Ravensfjord Goose Festival.

Among the many contests will be Heavy Weapon Fighting, Archery, Home Brew Contest, Home Ferment Contest ("soft" drinks, sauerkraut, and sourdough bread are examples of possible entries), Pie contest (baking thereof, not throwing), and The Consort's Challenge.

The Consort's Challenge: Each consort who enters this challenge will carry away with them a parting gift of one authentic "Hrafnsfjordr Goose Festival 2004" goose down pillow, and the winner will have the adulation and adoration of all attendees and be crowned the Goose Queen! (Or Goose King, as the case may be.) When pressed for further details on this event, the autocrat was reported as saying, "Think goose, think harvest, think 'Chance to use our skills!' It's a surprise and something I promise you don't do every day."

Food: Potluck, with Roast Goose provided by the autocrat. The theme is Harvest. This is a wet site.

Auction: We will be having an auction to benefit our shire. Items turned in so far are a child's helm, a cicada pouch, and glassware. For those interested, pictures of auction items will be posted at

Children's Activities: Mask Making and the putting on of a Harvest Play.

Date: October 23, 2004
Time: Noon to 10 PM.
Site fee: $7 adults/under 12 free/ *$3 surcharge for non-members*
Location: Kenai Peninsula Fair Grounds in Ninilchik (same site where
Summer Coronet was held)
Autocrat: Rhea Richmond/Rhea of Ravensfjord (SCA name undetermined at this time)