Tomuki and Beatricia new Royal Heirs in Outlands

Abd al-Hakim ibn abd al-Rahman Shaddad al-Tomuki, called Tomuki, was the victor in Outlands crown tournament, earning the privilege of bestowing the Queen's Crown upon Beatrice Carmela Mercante, called Beatricia.

His Highness Tomuki will join Duke Christopher (and perhaps a very few others) as members of a very select group: those who have reigned in three different kingdoms. According to an email list post by Herrin Kathalyn Nimet, Tomuki was previously King in Calontir (c. 1990) and Caid (c. 1998).

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses of the Outlands!

HRH Tomuki will be the third

HRH Tomuki will be the third member of this select group. Duke Garick Kopke (now HRM Garick of Calontir, as of Saturday) has also reigned in the West and Drachenwald.

OMG, no I did not say only tw

OMG, no I did not say only two have done this! Our own King, Garick von Kopke is also part of that illustrious group! He also has reigned in three kingdoms.

I've corrected the story ...

I've corrected the story in light of your comment and some further info posted on the Outlands list today.